Acquisition Disorder Board Game Podcast

A podcast with discussions about playing board games and the reasons that we acquire them. Josh is joined each week with a new guest from the board game industry to talk about recent games that they have acquired or played.


Josh is joined by Chaz Marler from Pair of Dice Paradise to discuss their newly acquired and played board games.  Among those are Century Golem Edition, Whistle Stop, 878 Vikings and much more, but which of these have they played and which are still in the shrink?  They also delve into Chaz's other obession that isn't board games.


Acquisition Disorder is a podcast about the acquisition of all things related to boardgames.  We try to delve into the various reasons that cause us to desire to own a particular game.  In the very first episode, Josh is joined by Bruce Voge from North Star Games and The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast to discuss their newly acquired board games.  They may have even played a few!